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"I Feel I’m Ready To Lead The Squad Into A New Era".

Perth AFC would like to announce Chris Daley as First Team Coach of the Men's Amateurs.

Chris brings commitment and passion to the position and under the guidance of Marco Celesti he won the Div 4 Reserves Title as coach.

Chris knows the squad well and we are expecting a solid performance for season 2021.

"After two years with the Reserves I feel I’m ready to lead the Squad into a new era"

"Marco has done a sensational job with this team, getting us promotion and building the framework for what is a brilliant culture at this Football club"

"The players epitomise everything that I’m excited about, hardworking, loyal, determined and passionate. I can’t wait to get stuck into pre season, hopefully bringing some new ideas to the table for us to build on"

"Pre season friendlies are already being arranged, so everyone had better get ready, because I know I am"

-Chris Daley First Team Coach


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