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Recoveri Joins AFC

Perth AFC would like to welcome Recoveri Cryo and Health as a new Silver sponsor of the club.

Steph and Jason Correia have a state of the art facility at their Cockburn Central premises.

A place that boasts relaxation, excitement and high morale it’s a great place to head for a spot of treatment for pain/injuries, general soreness, inflammation and Skin disorders as well as weight loss and beauty treatments.

Using Cryotherapy, Normatec and Led light therapy they will have you leaving feeling amazing and a lot better than you entered. Many elite athletes use this technology for recovery and results show that this really does work.

So if your feeling lethargic and sore give the team a visit and get yourself back on track today!

“We felt that there were so many gym’s and fitness facilities opening up but not enough places promoting recovery. We truly believe that this is the future of recovery and healing, and also a chance to make a difference.' - Steph Correia (Owner)

Visit the website, call 0431 602 919 or you can email and Instagram


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