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The 2020 Football Season.

Under challenging circumstances, the 2020 football season for Perth AFC has been another proud year both on and off the field. All teams were competitive in new leagues and the Club’s camaraderie was enhanced by an increase in community spirit by the members.

The Amateur teams, having been promoted to division 3 were in uncharted territory. To finish in the top half for both teams has been a great achievement. With no promotion or relegation, I feel that the coaches were able to build some experience of the league which will be helpful for next season. Thank you to Marco and Chris for their effort and dedication.

The Women’s State League team played in a revamped league due to a restructure of the leagues in general. The girls competed amicably even with low player numbers at the start. They pushed hard for the second place in a tight group behind South West Phoenix. Well done to the girls and I thank the Rob and Gordana coaching duo, especially Rob for juggling his many commitments.

The Metropolitan team started slow this season with many new faces and lacking a coach. But after Scott Ewing took over the coaching role, the team started to gel and steadily climbed the ladder. I am proud of the boys for maintaining their positivity throughout the season. I extend a special thanks to Scott for taking on a very challenging role.

Off the field here are some of the highlights of what the Club was able to do:

✔ Retention scheme to provide incentive to players to commit in the pre-season

✔ Swift action to come up with Covid protocols to meet changing requirements

✔ Reduction in registration fees after negotiations with the Council and Western Knights to help members during Covid

✔ Provide online training and online events during early stages of Covid restrictions

In a year where people would be forgiven for putting club football lower in their life priorities, the enthusiasm of members and an increase in overall membership I saw at AFC perhaps showed the importance of community sport in society.

I’d like to thank the players, supporters,

volunteers and the committee for their effort and commitment throughout the season. I look forward to another successful season next year with hope and gratitude.

- Yuma Iwasaki, AFC Director Of Football.


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