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AFC Reserves Coach Chris Daley Talks Football And The Upcoming Season.

I’ve been involved in football since I was 12 years old (20 years!) I follow football all over the globe, and I support Leeds United!

I’ve coached kids, played at a variety of different levels, and I’ve also reffed with Football West for a few years. I was chosen by Football West to be involved in the 15’s 16’s and 18’s Cup Finals, one year, all back to back, which was a huge honour!

This coaching role is quite new for me in a sense of coaching adults, but everyone has been great and supportive.

We have 3 teams this season, lots of players all battling for starting spots, a superb environment where everyone gets on, which is what a coach dreams of! The upcoming season is a bit of an unknown as it’s a new division for us but no doubt our aim is for promotion!!

-Chris Daley


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