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All Of A Sudden We Looked Like A Different Team.

Perth AFC took on Brozzy FC on Sunday at Len Packham Reserve, rekindling the rivalry the two clubs have had over the past three seasons!

Brozzy started well in the first half with plenty of possession and pressure whereas we seemed to be flat and lethargic. Brozzy went in at 1-0 up at the break with their tails up and we were up against it!

Second half was pedestrian from our point of view until Di Girolamo came on and sparked some life into our attack and with 20 mins to go he equalized and all of a sudden we looked like a different team and created numerous chances but Brozzys keeper was in fine form. As we pushed numbers forward a swift Brozzy counter gave them their 2nd goal with 10 to go and thats how it ended.

Brozzy were worthy winners on the day and our jeckyll and hyde performances thus far this season continued.



Perth AFC 1 Brozzy FC 2

Snippers Barber Shop Man Of The Match Adam Tharle


Perth AFC 10 Brozzy FC 2

Snippers Barber Shop Man Of The Match Sandro digirolamo

Metros Div 3

Perth AFC 4 Warnbro Strikers SC 7

Snippers Barber Shop Man Of The Match Craig Grist.

-Marco Celesti Head Coach


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