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Covid-19 UPDATE - 31/01/2022

With the latest update from the State Government, there has been an update to the double vaccine requirements that affects our members.

All community sport will continue to go ahead without having to show proof of vaccination at our venues including LeisureFit Melville, Pro Futsal Bibra Lake and Len Packham Park in Coolbellup. "Based on the latest health advice, proof of COVID-19 vaccination requirements apply state-wide to the following venues:

- a gym, indoor sporting centre, health club, or dance studio (including a centre offering yoga, barre, pilates, aerobics, dancing, spin facilities or other fitness class), except when community sport is being played." Please follow the link for more information - WA Government Covid-19 Information.

LeisureFit Melville - Proof of vaccination is not required to enter LeisureFit Melville for community sport.

The mask mandate remains in place with customers required to wear masks on entry and while inside our facility. The mask mandate will not apply for people doing vigorous indoor exercise. Children under the age of 12 are not required to wear a mask.

Please continue to check in using the SafeWA/ServiceWA app.

Pro Futsal Bibra Lake Update -

"At this point in time the Chief Health Officer has advised that the physical and mental benefits of community sport outweigh any requirement for proof of vaccination and as such community sport is exempt from the requirement to provide proof of vaccination to participate.

Therefore proof of vaccination won’t be required to enter Pro Futsal’s premises or to play in any of the Pro Futsal /and State Futsal League competition played at Pro Futsal Bibra Lake.

The cafe is a takeaway operation therefore it won’t be affected by the new Covid-19 mandate.

Mask wearing

Trainings and competition during this phase is still limited by the following: * Masks must be worn at all times indoors by everybody aged 12 and over, other than competitors when they are physically training and playing on court (exercising vigorously).

* At training, coaches that are involved with their team on court may remove their mask.

* During games, referees may remove their mask.

* Please note that players on the bench should wear a mask during games. While it is understandable that players will generally have a drink and recover when they leave play and rest on the bench, after a reasonable time players should ensure they have a mask on. It is a requirement that masks are worn at all other times and we ask you and your club members to adhere to this requirement.

It is highly likely that this requirement will remain in Western Australia for some months, so it is important for our sport that administrators, coaches, managers, participants, and parents all ensure we use our masks to limit possible spread of COVID within Pro Futsal premises. Summary of basic hygiene conditions:

* Do not attend futsal competitions or training in any capacity if you have a fever, sore throat, a cough or shortness of breath. * We all need to wash and sanitise our hands when we enter and leave the centre and training venues. * Ensure that all participants in the game bring their own labelled water bottle and sweat towel and do not share any equipment or food.

Pro Futsal will not implement any of our own limits that go beyond or are not recommended by the State Government.

We are constantly reviewing the WA Government Health guidelines, recommendations and mandates to ensure that we do the best possible job of ensuring the safety of our Futsal community."

Please adhere to all restrictions currently in place. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your Team. Your Club.


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