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Hear From Frank From Franks Tanks As He Talks About Why He Jumped On Board At AFC.

Franks Tanks is a Mobile Aquarium and Pond Maintenance/Repair company. Frank completes Maintenance/repairs on your tanks, designing and Constructing of your new pond or tank plus much more.

Visit the website,

call 0410 896 743 or Email for more information.

“Ive been apart of AFC from pretty much the beginning. I believe i was the third or fourth player to register, had the honor to play in AFC's very first team and have continued to play to this day. Rob Caruso is also a very close friend of mine.

With all of the above mentioned I’ve been in a very privileged position to not only witness Rob's great concept in how a club should be run but also his drive and determination to get it to where it is today. AFC have big goals for the future in both outdoor and futsal and I want to continue to be apart of it”

-Frank D’Antonio (Owner Of Franks Tanks)



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