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 "It Just Wasn’t Our Day"

A bad day at the office is the only way to describe the game that got away this weekend.

From hitting the cross bar three times, one of which was dubiously close to being over the line, to missing opportunities in front of goal, to mis hitting clearances in the backline, to running into a brick wall in the midfield, it just wasn’t our day and it showed.

We just could not get our heads in the game and nothing was working no matter how hard we tried, and just to seal off the day we had an offside called after Danielle scored to equalise from a ball that bounced off their goalkeeper and onto Danielle’s boot, just about sums up the day.

The only shining light was a great piece of play that saw Elise score her first goal for the club, well done Elise! Final Score-

Perth AFC 1 def by Gosnells City FC 2


Elise Cleminson

Calogeros 6162 Player Of The Game Elise Cleminson

-Gordana Caruso


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