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"It Was A Tough, Hard Fought Battle": Caruso

A very disciplined Perth AFC Womens team took on a feisty Sorrento outfit and came away with a solid 4-1 win.

Even though the score looks like an easy win for the girls, it was a tough hard fought battle

Being 1-1 at the half time break it looked like we had our work cut out for us and looked like a draw was going to be on cards, but the girls again shifted up a gear and got back to their own brand of team football and their tenacity in chasing down the ball and playing it forward saw us come away with another win.

I could not be prouder of each and every one of the players not only for their great playing ability but more so their team spirit. I am very confident that our team is going to go from strength to strength as we get further into the season. Well done to the team you were all fantastic.


Perth AFC 4 def Sorrento FC 1


A.Smith 2

D.Caruso 1

D.Spill 1

Calogeros 6162 Player Of The Match Clara Darde.

-Gordana Caruso.


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