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“Jon Has Come And Rustled A Lot Of Feathers, A Much Needed Change In The Pack.”

Big changes in our Men’s SFL Futsal team this season! New coach, new squad, new league. Jon Bucolo signed on with us about 2/3 into last season and brings a heap of experience and knowledge, we are all picking his brain as much as possible. Now being a full time coach for us Jon has come and rustled a lot of feathers, a much needed change in the pack.

With our Large squad and new additions being added weekly I know this will benefit us tremendously especially over this mega 33 game season.


Thrown straight into the deep end, we aren’t in this league just to be another number! We had a point to prove, we want everyone to work hard to get a result from us. Stirling finding this out clutching at the straws playing 5th man to try and get the victory against us, it felt like a victory to us once the buzzer rang in that draw.

Mr Detective super keeper Mike Kelly with a Memorable game saved us big time, i wish the following game was just as memorable. Last Minute signing of experienced veteran SFL player Ronnie Varas proved invaluable along with Tough Tommy playing crucial roles in this game, not to forget Spiro the dragon who re-signed on with us and bagging a cheeky brace to help us bring home a point.

We went into the Cumbre game still on a high and got ripped apart but with lots of positives still to take out of the game. We are still new at the end of the day with a new coach and new rotations/structure.

This weeks Opponents Footbalista-

The boys trained hard this week, we are lucky enough to have our games recorded and the highlights posted so we can go over some of our mistakes and with Jon sending us late night homework we are all raring to go this weekend. The Machine our main man Thorpy is back and finally available for us this weekend. We’ve been playing together for a few years now with some unique link up play it will be exciting to see him firing some goals in the SFL.

Footbalista will not come as an Easy challenge and we know we have to be on our best game to secure the points but we are up for the challenge. Still exciting things for us to come with the likes of our Croatian God Andrija Jukic still to be added to the squad and Mr Sharpe Martyn still getting back to peak fitness with lots of competition for places, will only make everyone work harder.

-Stef Thomsen


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