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Thank You To Our Sponsors, New And Old.

Here at Perth AFC, we value the partnerships and relationships grown over time with the sponsors who have trusted and invested their hard earned money into our franchise.

In a year of uncertainty and confusion, they’ve stood by our side and we wish to thank them all, from major to minor, to our partners and supporters.

Next year brings new sponsors onboard and says goodbye to sponsors who have served us well, and we wish a big welcome, and a grateful thank you for the ongoing support we’ve recieved. Perth AFC wouldn’t be where it is without you!!

If you’re the owner of a business, large or small and are looking to support local sporting clubs. Perth afc is happy to have a chat, with packages to facilitate any financial investment.

All packages can be found at and can be also accessible through AFC sponsorship manager Giuliano Celesti by Email @

We look forward to working with you, helping eachother grow.


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