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We Thought The Season Was Going To Be A Distant Dream.

What a strange season we had..

A long and hard pre-season and the excitement of starting the season was squashed by the Pandemic that took over the world - and we thought the season was going to be a distant dream.

The season did start and what a season we had. We got up to a squad of 18 players half way through the season and by the end our last game saw us with 12 players (Just an AFC thing I guess)

I just want to say what a pleasure it has been coaching this wonderful and talented team. Each time the girls stepped out on to the field no matter what, they played with tenacity and team spirit, always having each other’s backs and always fighting for each other. There were never complaints about positions and all the girls gave it their all.

Halfway through the season I was more than happy to hand over the reins to Rob Caruso to be head coach of the team as I felt his experience and methods would be an added bonus for the girls moving forward and getting us ready for the real season next year. I am looking forward to a stellar season next year.

With the talent we have, Rob’s coaching and if we can stay injury free we will be top two contenders no doubt. Again thanks for an awesome season girls. It has been full of hard work but a lot of laughs as well.

Bring on 2021

-Gordana Caruso Women's Coach.


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