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"They Have Shown Outstanding Commitment And Expectational Growth On And Off The Court" -Thorp

First off I’d like to to start by saying thank you to club President Rob Caruso for giving me the opportunity to take the Youth team this season.

It was a huge challenge for me personally as a coach and the squad as a collective due to the covid-19 situation.

After a tough season last season finishing 2nd bottom the first objective coming in was getting the lads playing with confidence and in a style that would compliment our attacking players.

We set out goals individually and as a squad and I have to say hats off to them I’m super proud of them all for achieving what we set out at the start off the season.

In the 13 weeks we have been together they have shown outstanding commitment and expectational growth on and off the court.

Although the lads are hurting losing the semi final. To finish 3rd and make a semi final with probably the youngest squad in the league is a massive achievement.

Also a shout out to Roger Lee for helping me this season And Kevin Higgins who came to down record every game.

- Youth Coach Nathan Thorp


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