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2018 JSFL Cup Fixtures

Saturday 22nd December.

Under 9's

AFC vs Cumbre Red 9:15am (Court 1)

AFC vs Stirling Braza 9:45am (Court 1)

AFC vs Kwinana United 10:15am (Court 2)

Under 11's

AFC vs Cumbre Black 11:15am (Court 1)

AFC vs Fremantle Valy 11:45am (Court 1)

AFC vs Fremantle FC 12:15pm (Court 2)

Under 13's

AFC vs Cumbre Red 1:15pm (Court 2)

AFC vs Cumbre Black 1:45pm (Court 1)

AFC vs Fremantle FC 2:00pm (Court 2)


Sunday 23rd December.

Under 15's

AFC vs Rockingham Cumbre 11:00am (Court 1)

AFC vs Under 15 State Team 11:15am (Court 2)

AFC vs Perth Longobarda 11:30am (Court 1)

AFC vs Under 14 State Team 11:45am (Court 1)

AFC vs South Perth FC 12:15pm (Court 1)

Good luck to all our teams in action over the weekend.


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