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A Great Day At Len Packham For Our Outdoor Teams.

A great day out for our Outdoor teams playing some quality football and bringing home some much needed points.

Women’s Div 2-

Perth AFC 13 def Port Kennedy 0

Goal Scorers-

Caitlyn Lewis (5)

Daisy Spill (4)

Amielia Musulin (2)

Amanda Smith (1)

Renee Ziccardi​ (1)

Player of the Game Caitlyn Lewis.


Men’s Div 3-

Perth AFC 10 def Murray District Rangers 2

Goal Scorers-

Sean Claude Irakoze (4)

Rob Caruso (3)

Aimen (1)

Kev Clary Angeles (1)

Kevin Liang (1)

Snippers Barber Shop​ Man of the Match Sean Claude Irakoze.


Men’s Premier-

Perth AFC 3 def Victoria Park 0

Goal Scorers-

Bobby Ramic (1)

Kevin Clary Angeles (1)

Daniele D'Ulisse​ (1)

Snippers Barber Shop Man of the match ​Oliver Crockford.


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