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AFC Girls Go Down To Freo In A Low Scoring Affair!!

AFC Girls Go Down To Freo In A Low Scoring Affair!!

With a star studded Fremantle line up with the likes of Epril Nossent, Kim McCartney and Christane Astorp it was always going to be a difficult task for the AFC girls who were very much undermanned with three quarters of their squad missing and a lot of big names out.

It was up to Danielle Caruso who took the reigns of captain along side Amanda Smith and Donna Fitch to lead the inexperienced AFC girls in there opening fixture of the 2018/19 WSFL season.

The game got off to a even start with a lot of action mid court and both teams looking to gain the upper hand of possession and take control of the game.

As the first half went on it was Fremantle who took control of the game with there pressing game forcing the AFC girls back in there own half and giving them very little room to move. Although the girls held there defensive shape quite well two quick strikes from big hitters McCartney and Astorp in the space of a few minutes had Fremantle race out to a 2-0 advantage.

Amanda came closest for AFC with a long range effort from back in her own defensive half that was just tipped over the bar by the Fremantle keeper to keep the score at 2-0 going into half time.

The second half began and the AFC girls worked there way back in the game with tactical decision by coach Rob Caruso to park the bus. The girls held their defensive shape and positioning much better and even created chances on the counter and the game had certainly opened up. A much more even second half from the girls but they just couldn’t quite get the break through on the scoreboard but did manage to keep a clean sheet with some crucial blocks and some good saves.

The girls should be commended on there efforts although we didn’t see the goals this week there defensive game was very strong to hold Fremantle to just two goals and to step up in the absence of some key players. They will all be better for the experience against a Top 4 side.

Final Score:

Perth AFC 0 def by Fremantle 2

Player of the Game Danielle Caruso


The draft girls were held scoreless but put up a great fight on the night in a gutsy performance.

WSFL Draft-

Final Score:

Perth AFC 0 def by Fremantle FC 1

Player of the Game Lisa Ricci


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