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Coaches Corner With Marco Celesti

Head coach Marco Celesti with his thoughts on the weekends loss to Brozzy FC. “Another frustrating game for the Perth AFC Premier team against Brozzy FC, a 4-1 loss against a team who are fine exponents of jogo bonito! After going 1 nil down in the first half the boys fought hard in the second half to equalize but then a wicked deflection made Brozzy FC go 2-1 up and our boys fell away in their belief and intensity and allowed brozzy to score two more goals in last 20 mins.

For me a loss is a loss but unfortunately our boys are not getting it together at the moment, albeit we’ve played a very good side in Brozzy FC the last two weeks, but our performances have been flat and we havent been willing to fight hard and play with passion and desire to overcome adversity in a game! We hope to get back on track and get a win against vic park and arrest this mini slump we are going through”

-Marco Celesti


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