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"They Hit The Ground Running And Gave As Good As They Got"

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Welcome to the State League Girls!!!!

What a fantastic performance for our first run in the State League. With only 12 players available for the game and a couple of those players carrying injuries, I asked the girls to go into the game cautiously to try and conserve some energy.

True to form for my girls, they hit the ground running and gave as good as they got to come out 3-1 winners against a very physical Armadale team. It was a great game to watch and both teams played a very physical game and fought hard but our formation and team play proved too strong for the opposition.

A shame that the game will mostly be remembered for the nasty incident after the final whistle went but I am so proud of the way that the girls played and conducted themselves and we STILL REMAIN UNDEFEATED in home & away fixtures.



Women's State League Div 2

AFC 3 def Armadale SC 1

Goal scorers- Amanda Smith Daisy Spill Linda Carnessali

Calogeros 6163 Player Of The Match Claire Lyons.

- Gordana Caruso



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