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Hard Fought Win For The AFC WSFL Team Against A Gallant EWA.

Photo: Pro Futsal

Not a Pretty game to watch but a result our way made it a bit more palatable is the best way to describe the game on Saturday afternoon between AFC and EWA.

Not much to take home from this game apart from the obvious much needed points and a hard lesson in making sure your back post is covered defensively!

I am sure the girls learned a good lesson in the hard slog for the win and will come back firing on all cylinders in their next game against South Perth.


AFC 8 def Cockburn EWA 7


Megan Connop (2)

Bec Bennett (2)

Kat Jukic (2)

Jaime Duncanson (2)

Calogeros 6162 Player Of The Game Megan Connop.


WSFL Draft-

AFC 3 def Cockburn EWA 0


Monique Oliveira (1)

Caitlyn Lewis (1)

Calogeros 6162 Player Of The Game Amanda Smith.


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