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Outdoor And SFL Captain Jake Ambrose Wraps Up The Winter Season With A Few Words.

Premier Outdoor Team-

“From the Spanish Club to Len Packham, Challenger FC to Western Knights and Perth Saints to Curtin, the outdoor boys have had a long season of chopping and changing home grounds and training nights, players going up and down between squads and many mixed results and performances.

A new club for a lot of the lads, meant a bit of getting used to each other as well as a new coach which finally seemed to all click at the end of the season, scoring 19 goals in two games! Imagine if we were that clinical in some of the other games we had played (Curtin away and the night game against Belmont spring to mind!). Starting the season with an 8-0 win in what was a great away trip to Challenger in the FFA cup, we followed it by drawing about the toughest team we could’ve in the next round in Western Knights and ended up following them to their home ground!

It took a while for the team to gel but I think we can be proud of a third place finish behind two good teams in a competitive division. It was also great to see the two squads work so well together and no matter who was playing in what team, everyone supported and backed each other as much as they could and nobody who stepped up looked out of place. Some of the football has been great, some frustrating and some almost comedic! But it has been a pleasure to play with this group of lads and I hope we can all kick on together next season to be even more successful and hopefully win a trophy (like the girls!).”


SFL Championship Futsal- ”A disjointed season of futsal started with only a couple of players and having to pull people from all sorts of places for some games, ended with a top four finish and although it was a disappointing finals campaign to end the season, we definitely have a solid base to build on for next season and beyond.

Inconsistency in player availability and performances ended up costing us a higher placed finish in the league but the lads all showed their passion and competitiveness in their own ways which was great to see. From the silence of the usually non-stop group chat after a loss and the rev ups from the usually quieter members of the squad, to the passionate celebrations and banter about golden boots after a player scored a goal or two for the first time in weeks, the lads all showed a great togetherness which was great to be a part of.

From Mike kicking innocent goal posts, Ric costing the futsal centre a fortune in roller door repairs, Kev Higgins picking on Spiro every training session and the amount of hours we have all spent digging up bad old pictures of each other, it has been a memorable season with some good futsal and better banter shown by the lads all the way through a challenging season.”

-Jake Ambrose


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