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SFL Boys Knock Off Top Of Table ECU Jets In Solid Performance as Our WSFL Team Fall Short.

WSFL Draft-

Stirling Braza 4 def Perth AFC 3

Goal Scorers-

Jenny Jaksic (1)

Lisa Ricci (1)

Nicole Bombardieri (1)



Stirling Braza 3 def Perth AFC 2

Goal Scorers-

Jaymee Gibbons (1)

Katarina Jukic (1)

Player Of The Game Danielle Caruso.


SFL Championship-

Perth AFC 4 def Ecu Jets 1

Goal Scorers-

Spiro Nenadic (2)

Mino Saihati (1)

Ricardo De Oliveira (1)

Snippers Barber Shop Man Of The Match Spiro Nenadic.


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