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SuperCoach Gordana Caruso Talks About Her Footballing Career and The Upcoming Season For AFC.

My passion for the game came from my dad who represented at the highest level as a goalkeeper in Serbia and played a lot of football when we came to Australia.

My brother was also an excellent striker from juniors through to senior football achieving highest goal scorer on numerous occasions, our Saturday and Sunday’s were spent either watching my dad or my brother play. So it was only natural that when I stretched my cruciate ligament after a basketball match and was advised not to play either netball or basketball anymore that I would play football for the team that my dad was going to coach and that being the first women’s team for Cockburn United (now Cockburn City).

We started in division 6 with a bunch of girls who had never kicked a ball before and we would spend more time in the change rooms making sure our hair and makeup were fine, plus the fact the women’s football was relatively new and thought to be a bit of a joke rather than being taken seriously, to going into the Premier League within 4 seasons with predominantly the same girls (still making sure our hair and makeup was fine) and my dad coaching (which showed what a good coach can make a player achieve).

I started my football career as a right wing and loved the freedom of that role and towards the end of my football playing days I played in the goal keeping role and assisted in coaching with dad. My love for the game progressed me to last season putting my hand up to coach the inaugural Perth AFC Women’s Team.

The first season with AFC is right up there with the best season I have ever experienced, not only because we were unstoppable but because we have the best bunch of girls, who are there 100% for the team and the club, I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say the there was never a time or a player that did not stand for those values of the team and the club. This year will be a challenge but with the strong core of our team from last season and some new faces I am sure the girls will do the club proud once again.

Here’s to competing in the State League Div 2, I'm Looking forward to the season and the challenges ahead.

-Gordana Caruso.



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