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The Girls Pushed Hard Straight From The First Whistle.

With a huge change in our line up from previous seasons, we are trying to find the perfect positions for the girls to get the most out of them.

Sunday’s game proved to be a great insight into the depth that we now have as a team.The girls pushed hard straight from the first whistle and cushioned the attacks from Mandurah with a strong showing from our backline, there were no nerves just a willingness to work hard and move the ball around to our advantage.

Our first goal came from a slight tweak in the forward line that saw Rachel McCaffrey score just before half time and our second goal came in the second half from our determined new mum Linda Carnessali in her debut return game (Welcome back MUM - and what a way to come back!)

Well done girls on a 2-0 win against a strong and physical Mandurah opposition.


Perth AFC 2 Mandurah City FC 0

Goal scorers

Rachel McCaffrey - 1

Linda Carnessali - 1

Ryder Cafe Player Of The Match Jacinta Coleman.

-Gordana Caruso Coach


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