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The Girls Remain Unbeaten As The Men's Premier Team Go Down To A Tough Perth Saints Outfit.

Round 11 Outdoor Results.

Men’s Div 3-

Perth AFC 2 Drew with Canning City 2

Goal Scorer-

Kevin Liang (1)

Rob Caruso (1)

Snippers Barber Shop Man Of The Match Andres Arevalo.


Women’s Div 2-

Perth AFC 6 def Fremantle City 0

Goal Scorers-

Steph Funnekotter (4)

Daisy Spill (1)

Amielia Musulin (1)

Player Of The Game Daisy Spill


Men’s Premier-

Perth Saints 4 def Perth AFC 0

Goal Scorers- Nil

Snippers Barber Shop Man Of The Match Kevin Clary Angeles.


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