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"The Most Cohesive And United Game Of Football I've Seen The Boys Play"

“What a way to win a match!

The most cohesive and united game of football I've seen the boys play. From the disciplined defence line to the hard working midfielders to the “Strike Force” attackers the boys put on a show of team work, attitude and finishing that showed what Team Effort and Team Encouragement does for the morale in a team and how much it goes toward a great positive result.

You all played awesome Football on Sunday and deserved the 5-0 score line keeping the Royals at bay and never giving them a sniff at goals. Well done to each of you for the part you played and in getting the result and if you Play each and every game with this type of heart and team spirit you will be unbeatable as a team. Well done boys.”

-Gordana Caruso


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