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The Tenacity And Team Spirit Is Unwavering.

A tough Sorrento FC squad came to play and that they did!

We had our chances but just could not find the back of the net, In the end going down 3-0.

All the girls played well and we did try a few new positions for the girls. The team as a whole is still in the infancy stage of trying to find our feet and trying to get goals under our belts. The tenacity and team spirit is unwavering and I can see bursts of brilliance with some great passing and movement in the second half.

Thanks to Rob for the couple of great suggestions in setting up the defence in the second half and a great performance by Danielle in her first time in the sweeper roll, holding her nerve and clearing us out of trouble on a few occasions.

Special mention to Clara who pulled off some amazing saves. All in All a tough but well learned lesson that will give the girls a bit of fire in the belly to consolidate and move forward.

-Gordana Caruso, Women's Coach


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