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There it is!! First Win On The Board For The WSFL Girls.

Photo: Pro Futsal


What a great win for the girls!

A very composed performance by the whole team has seen the girls come away with a much needed 3-1 win over 4th placed Cockburn EWA.

A very measured approach by coach Rob Caruso saw the girls patiently shut the oppositions ability to strike forward, waiting for the opportunity to counter attack. Even though the first goal came from the opposition the girls never looked like they were in any mood to give away this win.

From some brilliant saves by Danielle to some brilliant passing and shots by the rest of the team the girls got their first much deserved win!

A very disciplined team performance, well done girls!!!


AFC 3 Def Cockburn EWA FC 1


Kat Jukic 1

Amanda Smith 1

Megan Connop 1

Calogeros 6162 Player Of The Game Megan Connop.


WSFL Draft-

A close game in which should have ended with an AFC win but the girls just couldn't get over the line. A gutsy performance and it's good to see the girls improving every week.


AFC 3 def by Cockburn EWA FC 4


Lisa Ricci 2

Amielia Musulin 1

Calogeros 6162 Player Of The Game Lisa Ricci.


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