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Tough Going For Our Men's SFL Championship Team As They Go Down But Not Without A Fight.

“It was time for us to hit the road again and head to Ballajura for our clash with Carioca. Even with the form we have been in the last few weeks it was always going to be a struggle with the different court size.

We had a full squad for only the second time this season and it was a physical game from the start. Carioca coming at us hard from the start not allowing us to get into a rhythm. Carioca went 3-0 up before half time and expecting us to roll over the boys took the game to them in the second half but couldn't find the back of the net. Carioca held the pressure well to come out 4-1 winners but couldn't match us when we stepped up to match their physical game going down every chance they had.

I'd like to wish Carioca player Stephan a speedy recovery after the unfortunate injury received in the clash.

It's back to the drawing board this week as we take on Melville with a depleted squad after suffering multiple injures in the Carioca game.”

-Rob Caruso


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