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What An Awesome Friday Night Spectacle We Witnessed!

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Photo: Pro Futsal


What an awesome Friday night spectacle we witnessed. Exactly what the Perth AFC fans wanted to see but never imagined what the outcome would be and what an outcome it was!

The boys were up against the mighty powerhouse of Fremantle FC, and AFC’s past few games were not how the boys envisaged their season to be heading to say the least but something was different about this particular Friday night, even from the start the boys seemed to stand taller and seemed more in tune with each other.

The game started as did the others and the boys went 2-0 down but this time there was no shoulder dropping and no giving up in their eyes, Something shifted and the boys stood taller and showed strength and courage and their supreme teamwork shone. The boys slotted in 6 goals to come away 6-2 winners over one of the premier teams in the SFL.

Well done on a fantastic game and let's see a repeat performance this Saturday against the tough Murdoch Warriors.

Final Score- AFC 6 def Fremantle FC 2

Goals- Andrija Jukic 2 Daniele D'Ulisse 1 Nathan Thorp 1 Steven Forbes 1 Stef Thomsen 1

Snippers Barber Shop Man Of The Match Andrija Jukic.


SFL Draft

A strong performance by the boys but they fell short against a strong Fremantle side.

Final Score-

AFC 2 def by Fremantle FC 4

Goals- Daniele D'Ulisse 1 Kaleb Prangley 1

Snippers Barber Shop Man Of The Match Rob Caruso.


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