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"The Glory Of This Season Belongs To The Awesome Bunch Of Girls That Have Played For This Team"

“After what seemed a lifetime the girls were finally able to play on Sunday With weather forcing Armadale to postpone their game against us and then Port Kennedy forfeiting the game the girls were eager for a run on the park to hone their skills for the upcoming clash with Subiaco AFC for our Cup Semi Final Tonight.

Hone their skills they did on Sunday with yet another perfect game and to boot away 17-0 winners against a feisty Peel squad. Peel had no answers to our disciplined back line and our formidable forwards. A lazy 12 goals for Steph has given her a hard earned 50 goals for the season with one more game to go against Armadale.

The team showed what a cohesive, disciplined outfit can do. Never falling into the trap of “oh we are so far ahead let’s just do whatever” The glory of this season belongs to all the awesome bunch of girls that are and have played for this team we call Perth AFC BRING ON THE CUP SEMI FINAL!!!

We Would love to see everyone there to support the girls on Wednesday night - Kickoff 7pm at Rosalie Park.”

-Gordana Caruso


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