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“We Were There For Each Other. That’s What Being Part Of Such An Incredible Team Is All About”

Futsal WSFL-

“After the last round of the winter season ending the way it did we knew we were going to have a strong side in for the upcoming Summer Season.

Last season we gained some invaluable talent and with that we kicked off the season strong and confident. Half way through the season we lost a few players due to holidays and injuries and it showed in our results however we didn’t drop our heads. We were there for each other and made sure if one of us was feeling disheartened we were there to lift them back up. That’s what being apart of such an incredible team is all about.

We unfortunately did not make the top 4 losing out in the second last game of the year after making some decisions that were unsuccessful. Despite all that we did have one of our very own take home the Golden Boot for the league in Kat Jukic who also narrowly missed out on MVP.

This upcoming season is going to be a long one and I have the confidence in the group of girls we have that we can make finals for the first time in AFC history for the WSFL.

Outdoor Football:Taking it back to the beginning when there were only 3 girls attending training, making myself, coach Gordana and Rob worry about what future the Perth AFC womens team had.

Somehow we managed to get 9 girls to register and having only 9 players and being a brand new side, coach Gordana had a challenge on her hands but after winning our first game 8-3 i think coach, myself and the rest of the team knew it was going to be a good year for the AFC women! Yeah When the wins kept coming, so did the goals for our golden boot winner Steph Funnekotter who scored an amazing 54 goals, making it look easy every time the ball landed at her feet.

We managed to gain a couple more players to make the bare 11 each game until the end of the season where we finished it just as we begun, with 9 players. Despite this we stayed undefeated throughout the league season, fighting as a team the full 90 minutes even though some of the girls had ongoing injuries. This never stopped us giving 100% whenever we stepped out onto that pitch and Winning the league with 4 games to go was an amazing feeling and gave us something to get the champagne flowing for after the game.

Then it came to the cup rounds. We fought hard against teams in the league above ours and it paid off to get us into the cup final. Going out there with only 11 players, we knew it was going to be a struggle but we didn’t let it get us down. Even though the result wasn’t one we wanted we were a strong competition for the DIV 1 side and made it hard for them to take the victory from us!

You cant win them all they say, however thats not going to stop us from trying again next season with the same amazing bunch of girls and hopefully a few new comers too!”

-Gabbi Wheatley


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