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WSFL and Outdoor Women's Captain Gabbi Wheatley With A Few Words.

"Top of the ladder was in our sights going into last weeks match against Stirling Braza, unfortunately we lacked the intensity to get us over the hump with a 3-2 loss leaving us in 2nd place coming into round 13. It was a frustrating loss as we worked hard but were unable to keep a hold of the lead against a strong Stirling team. Having a bye this week means we can hold a video session to see what areas we need to work on during our games.

The Women's Outdoor team is looking at winning there 13th game in a row this weekend and if we can continue this run for another 3 weeks we'll have won the league! At training we are mainly preparing for our Quarter Final cup match against Mandurah City. Last time we played them in the league we faced challenging circumstances and just came away with the win so hopefully this game will be a better one all round."

-Gabbi Wheatley


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